Saturday, May 12, 2007

Morning Sir! Jimbo Becoming a Teacher~ Yeah~

Lil' Jimbo, the teacher of You.. Yes! You!

Lil' Jimbo : Good morning everyone. As your tutor, I will like to educate you about ~ Health.. *whispering* my boss also don't want to follow my advice!
Me : Don't think I'm DEAF OK?!
Lil' Jimbo : Erm... erm.. erm.. ok ok let's continue our lesson for today! First first first.. (nervous cause first timer) *whole body shaking* Eat more PaPaya~
Me : What Papaya = = ! is watermalon.
Lil' Jimbo : I like can not ah?! PapaMalon!!
Me : $%$^%&#$%#!!#

Lil' Jimbo : This one, is... Boss, what is this a? Tomato a?
Me : (kept silence, while laughing inside out)
Lil' Jimbo : Don't bluff me la, Mr Camel Told me it's BaNaNa!~

Lil' Jimbo : one more thing! Dont drink so much coffee! bad for health! especially for men! Women, i think ok la!~
Me : Eh.. Please, my favorite white coffee ! D~O~N~T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lil' Jimbo : *Evil Laugh* Kiak kiak kiak kiak~

Lil' Jimbo : bare in mind, wash hand before you eat! after u finish your "business" ya! If not i don't want friend you! Smelly ><
Me : You also smelly, before say others, Please look at yourself!
Lil' Jimbo : >.<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Crying* YOU DONT WANT BATH ME

Lil' Jimbo : Also remember to wash the utensil before and after you use ya!
Me : Eh Stupid, dont throw junk in my Cup! I want drink coffee - -! FASTER GO WASH FOR ME!! or else.... *Evil laugh* you will....
Lil' Jimbo : *shiver* YE....S BO..SS .....

Lil' Jimbo : For You guys, big big or small small, fat fat (ops, cannot say fat hor) oh oh... is thin thin no fat fat, handsome handsome pretty pretty out there..
Please keep in mind, your health is everything and money come later. Cleaniness, lifestyle can cause a major disorder if you don't follow it carefully.
Take care of your diet, follow up the Piramid courses. Eatly, more Fruits and Veges. Not Meat Meat Meat only, otherwise you will have no teeth like me ~

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