Friday, May 11, 2007

Jimbo the nature Lover

Lil' Jimbo On our mother nature

Lil' Jimbo is riding Mr Camel~ yeeeeeeeeeee haaaaa....

Seems like Miao Miao got her first fan~
Me : Stupid Jimbo, you dont Itchy ya!
Lil' Jimbo : EH... dont snap me while i doing ....... certain things la = = !

Me : Piggy ~ Piggy ~ My beloved Piggy ~ Jimbo spell P-I-G
Lil' Jimbo : Y-O-U P-I-G
Me : Y..ou ... YOU!! JIMBO DONT YOU RUN!!
Lil' Jimbo : So~rry la Boss~... *hehe

Lil' Jimbo : Let me introduce.. Orchard!! HAHAH! SEE I SO CLEVER!
Me : Flower!
Lil' Jimbo : Orchid la!
Me : Flower !
Lil' Jimbo : Orchid LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me : Whatever!! .......zzz = = !

1 comment:

yeekchia said...

you are making fun with everything in ur house with this Jimbo..

i guess u r too bored n Jimbo become ur best fren now!


u r full with imagination, dude!