Thursday, May 24, 2007

What's Love to Me.

What is LOVE?

Most comment answer will be.. "aiyo gf,bf lo, why you so stupid one!"

Lil' Jimbo : Yea la BOSS, WHY you so stupid one? See my girl? * Evil* HAHAHA

Me : That's tissue la ..zzz *smack*

Felt that being loved by your partner, isn't that wonderful?

Hugging each other and feel the Love from the other. Sweet isn't it.

I catagorize Love into Three which is:
~Love for your family
~Love for your partner
~Love for your friends

Failing in any of these three items will result in shattered heart.

Love can be sweet, yet it's so poisonous that it will destroy your life.

Family Love is considered one of the largest propotion of Love ( For Me )

I was born and being bought up in my Lovely family, therefore my Love towards them are way more greater than any of the other two elements that has been stated above.

The second one, I don't think I will need to mention about the Romantic Love. It's just too prevelent to you guys! =D

Now, this is the main point that I would like to share with you all.

Love of Friendship. There are two views, which is from the eastern adolecense/adult and western side.

For most asian citizen, it's not common to greet someone like " Hey dear." If you do, some of them will misinterprete your meaning and tought that you're flirting.

Do not mention about saying "I Love You" to them. They might just blast you off with vulger words. Or they might say you're nuts.

Somehow it's totally difference from the western prospective. It's a norm for them to say "I Love You" to each others, and hug each others. It's a sign of Love. Love to your friend, Not Lust.

It's sad indeed to let go this wonderful practic, that show others what you feel and think. Others won't know how much you appreciate them without telling them.

Therefore, Please go to your friends that you grateful of. Give them a hug and tell them " I Love You". It's no a sin nor crime.

For you guys out there! *HUG* and I LOVE YOU, YOU and YOU!~~

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