Wednesday, May 9, 2007


what can I do. i thinking of going back to my little hut.
life has been so freak, with all these workloads that have been killing me..

i still wonder, when is the time I will get my freedom. Flying across the wide blue ocean, and feel the wonderful ocean breath.
Man.. life sure is hard. life's sux. what else?

"ding, ding .." 12am again.
i still stay awake and did nothing but moodlessly looking at the screen of my laptop.
writting nothing, doing nothing, and still nothing can be done.

making one a truth, nor one making the truth.
feel the ocean breeze, or be a freak.
time has freeze, mind are twist.
twist and freeze, till the mind has frozen.

life might be wonderful and amazingly cool,
slowly we jump to the deepest cruel.
money, cash aren't that something true?

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