Wednesday, May 9, 2007

life's a norm

what can be done if im a normal human?
life's a norm, where creature are free from the frame of cracking.

home, a wonderful place where the angels are there for you.
who are we when we're at our dearest hut?
should i say, the warmest place on the planet or the jungle of hope?

one might be fool nor be cool.
monster with human's mask, or human with devil's face?
being fooled or fool others.
doesnt it make sense to you?

gosh, being a gecko or being a piggo?
both are in the same place but different stands.
being treated in the other way, while one are being treated cruel.

oh mighty god, who are you?
hear my plea and dream came true.
birthday boy when wish might granted.
time passed, mind twisted, dream fated, cold hearted.

yellow, a colour of fun and sunny day.
full of lust or make of gas?
sound of furious, of stabbing.
back are being slashed with words and empty promises.
yes, i have the bloody wound.

red, a colour of anger, of blood, of hell!
good morning i say.
smile? baby, adult or elderly one?
innocent smile might get you into deep shit.
what would it be?

rage of anger, lust movement, chest of gold and blessing of god.
which and what, how and why.
life still go on, with all these elements.
life's a norm, bare with it with be the true.

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