Thursday, May 10, 2007

night time,
such a beautiful moment to share something together.
so much to do, yet so little time to spend.

"doesn't 24hours fair and enough for everyone?"
oh yea?! i wish there are 48 hours in a day.
you wanna know why?
because humans are greedy.

why human are greedy?
only god know.
** you can get his phone number from me if you want =p

rainny day have becoming a must to me
sleepless night has turn away from me.
me me me me .. it's all me ..
not you !

dont steal me dream please
it's my life ! my memory!
i need my beauty Zzz..

so warm yet so cold during the rainny night.
doesnt it indicate anything?
the world now is,
warm in surface, and cold inside?
just like the human?
is't it?

human, when you guys want to wake up?
our mother need our help...
her name is mother nature.
she suffer from all sort of disorder
pimples all around his face,
sun burn on her skin,
gastric as alot of asidic food.
and, always sent to hopital because,
always drink the water that being "process" by us.

mother's day soon arrive,
why dont we take the chance to thank our
"mother" nature
appreciate it.

please do not spoil our environment again,
chaos will spread all over the land.

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