Wednesday, May 9, 2007


someone told me. love is cool?
while others smile at me, and show me something else.
hungry for love? need food? love can make you full?

love is like drinking a glass of classical red wine.
open the tighten opener.
slowly pop it out.
pour it out to a crystal white glass.
and make sure the wine are being tally up with the surrounding's atmosphere.
have a sip of the combination.
walla.. that's it..

love equal to red wine.
you need to know what to do,
what to learn,
how to maintain the taste,
how to combine all the elements around you,
and adapt to it.
at last you will get what you want.

sounds easy huh?
bare with it and u will know.

love is a flower.
when it havent bloom,
it's just like a normal plant. colourless and moodless
slowly and it takes time.
bloom with redish wonder.
and that's the most glory moment of all.
soon, someone will cut it down and keep carefully in either their home,
or resell to others. some even face the cruel part where these flower were being abandon.
that's just a part of it.
others will leave to you guys to think..

love can be wonderful and hurtful.

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