Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where Is The Love?

Is the human nature nowadays are cruel and heartless?

What the hell is going on?

I'm totally disappointed with my parternal auntie, they are just too much.

since that this 1st of June, my whole family are going to Medan to attend my brother's wedding, and no one will able to take care of my grandmother.

Therefore, my daddy asked help from my auntie and those idiots playing tai-chi, and give all kinda lame excuse for not able to take care of my grandma.

I'm TOTALLY PISSED OFF, how could this happen? She is your mother and no one willing to take care of her? Are you joking with me? Do you know how long has she suffer just that raise you bastards?

And at last, out of no choice, we have to send my grandma to old folk's home for a few days. And those useless auntie still suggest of which old folk's home to go. WHAT IS THIS?!

Let your mother stay for a few days will die?

Thanks to those morons!

Some of my auntie DID NOT even want to visit her mother even though she came to my house (grandma staying with me) and when grandma had admitted to the hospital because of falling down, and she started to cry and telling all sort of tales said that she didn't take good care enough of her. This is really making me sick.


So pupils, Please remember your responsible as a child and you wouldn't want you child to dump you next time don't you?

God is watching them for doing this and will certainly repay them for what they did.



Li Ying said...

thats really shitty! ur own mother don'yt know how to take care!

this is why i see some ppl can be so inconsiderate, ungrateful, and irresponsible! just leaving ur own parent and couldn't care less... i'm sure ur grandmother is really hurt...

better take good care of her as old people are really fragile...

lOK3hUl said...

i have those problems in my family too, when my grandma is in coma.

My family started to break apart when aunty n aunty fighting like small kids, example, i today jaga 3 hours d n what have u done, go sohopping n nvr do ur job. Quarrel n quarrel almost every week.

Even my mom n dad very angry with all this, then all decide to have a maid jaga my grandma but at last d maid do housework, F**K

Really no comment on adults, shit them bitch

Raymond~ said...

ha.. what to do.. they are just too selfish