Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What Is Friendship?

Every single human being in this world, I believe that no one will have not even a single buddy.

We shouldn't judge a person by his/her look.

It's totally foolish to do so. If you think this is what you should do while choosing a pal, then you might lost one of the greatest friend in the world.

Time will show you how a person is, whether he/she's good or bad.

One of the stupidest way to judge is :
1. Although one might look unattractive, but please do not get the wrong impression that they don't have good qualities within themselves.
2. Though one might be appealing, however it doesn't mean that they are noble.

How many of you dare to say that you have at least 8 good friends who can share you happiness and sorrowness?

Do not spoil your friendship because of tiny arguement, it's just don't worth it!

If you do so, you might end up living in this funky world alone, just like the picture above, lonely watching the scenery. No one to share you world...

Sorry seems the hardest word to say.

Somehow when you did something bad to your chap, please do apologize. No matter who did the wrongful move, no matter you're right or wrong. It's ok to say sorry to each other. This will show others that you're educated.

Sharing Is Caring.

Just like Lil' Jimbo did. Share something with others.

You may share drinks with others, or maybe treat your buddy for a meal. It's sweet isn't it?

Share your thinking, your dream, your everything..

It isn't wrong to say " I Love You" to your friends. It's ok to do so. It shows how much you appreciate them.

Give them a kiss at the face, or give them a huge hug.

Hugging is the best medication for any sickness. Bare that in mind ya!


yeekchia said...

I read from somewhere that being
judgmental is a form of bullying.

So,dont judge.

Raymond~ said...

wa..interesting eh XD

judge others = bully =x