Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How do I choose a Crystal?

Someone asked me some question,

“I don’t know about Crystals, then how and what should I choose?”

“Is it the flawless and fine Crystals are the best for me?”

“The more expensive it is, will it be more suitable for me?”

Splendid questions to ask, I would say.

Base on my experience and through some readings,

There are a few methods on how to choose a proper Crystals for yourself.

From my own experience, Most of my Crystals that I choose are by using this method.

It’s First sight. Just like Love in First Sight.

Browse through the Crystal Shop and you might feel that one of the Crystal is grabbing your attention. Felt that the Crystal is summoning you, attracting you.

Then that will be the Crystal which would bring goodness to you.

If too many Crystals are catching your sight, then choose the best for yourself.

A Gift from Others

This is something very interesting to talk about. First sight is how the Crystal summon you to it, but gift from others is like, the Crystals come to you! It’s fate!

Every Crystal has their own destiny; do not feel sad if you lose it as the Crystals already served it purpose and no longer needed.

This kind of cases isn’t rare to happen.

Sense the Crystals

For those who are more sensitive are able to sense the Crystals’ vibration. From my own experience, I can undergo the sensation on my hand, sometimes I felt numb and sometimes I felt itchy when sensing it.

Have faith in your sixth sense, if you have weird feeling towards the Crystal, then just ignore it and kept on sensing the next one until you feel great about it.

These above are the most common ways to choose your Crystals.

If any of these Crystals still unable to catch your attention, means that the timing isn’t right yet. Maybe in the future, you will get the lucky stone of your.

Somehow, be cautious of it. I always targeting certain types of Crystals, but at the end, I buy up all the Crystals which catch my attention but are not suitable for myself.

Sometimes which end up giving out to others.

My advice is, sense the Crystal well, and think about it whether the Crystals are suitable for you. Then only purchase it!

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