Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Different Chinese Wedding Culture in Indonesia

This wedding was held on the 2/6/2007. I saw some of these different parts on their wedding style.

The table setting is kinda prevalent to ours...

And these dancing stuff, kinda new to me. They just pop up to the tiny lil' stage and start to turning round and round..

At last go and get the bride.. weird = =!

This is something very interesting where the son and daughter give their respect to their parents and present a wonderful flower to their mother.

and.. kissing both sides' parents.

kinda troublesome to me ..

This one is normal too...

Ah, this is something really odd and new to all of us.

As we know, most of the chinese wedding dinner, there will be some "singer" to sing karaoke~ whether they wrote their name themselves or being called by others.

In Indonesia, the hall members should give the red packet to the "singer".

And my dad said : What la, macam charity show..

And there is it, My second brother, Melvin and his girlfriend get Rp 120.000 which is around RM 48.

God I wish I was there, Then I can earn like RM50 for 5min singing?!

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