Friday, June 8, 2007

Hotel Polonia, Where I stay.

This is Hotel Polonia, a 4-stars standard hotel where I used to live during my trip to Medan.

What I can say about the structure of the hotel, it's totally awesome!

Gosh, the interior decoration is great too! Seems so grand!

It's ok from here.. nothing much difference from any other hotels.

But, the corridor is DAMN Crappy, Scary and Eerie! ARRRR

The hotel is totally, not 4-stars at all. My dad even rated it as a 2-stars. Gosh..


The services that they provided is totally swift and effictive.

Personally, I would give them a 5-stars for the services! Because..

When I called for a room service, they would just come to my room within 3min! Oh my!

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