Friday, May 11, 2007

Jimbo's Fate

Lil' Jimbo is Looking at himself at the mirror. He's wondering, why did i born to be like that? Can't I be Cuter Or whatever.

Lil' Jimbo started to ponder, what will I be, if I'm something else.

Slowly, Lil' Jimbo stare carefully at his face. He sees something very interesting, wondering and amazing. Twisting and turning around his whole silky body, he still can't find the special part. He again wonder it that his own imagination a moment ago.

Again and again, he search for his own specialities, his own identity. He reason out all the possible facts, yet he can't find the answer, and bit by bit, he consider himself an alienated creature with no features personality.

One day, when Lil' Jimbo was loitering around the Garden of Nature. He saw someone is stealing "Orchid" at the garden. At first, he think of avoiding getting himself into deep shit. Therefore, he decided to walk away swiftly and let the matter happen just like that. All in a sudden, his mind was blink blink and he understand and know that being a coward isn't a way to protect the Nature.

He starting to talk nicely with Mr Camel who wanted to took the "Orchid". And at last, Mr Camel understand the importants of protect and preserve the nature.

Mr Camel apologize to Lil' Jimbo and promise not to repeat the move again.

Lil' Jimbo were so surprise that he was given a big kiss from Mr Camel and that was his first kiss. "MR CAMEL, I WANT TO GIVE MY FIRST KISS TO MY GIRLFRIEND, YOU MORON!"

At last, Lil' Jimbo realize that being an alienated creature wasn't bad if you have a pure heart to help out others and preserve the nature.

This story tell us that, dont judge a book by it's cover. Inner beauty is way more important than the others. Lil' Jimbo was fated to be a doll, but he's doing way more better than most of us. Do we still have to destroy our mother nature just to
Satisfied the nastiness of human being.

Humans! Please wake up and don't be selfish. Learn to a human, and act like a human.
Protect our nature, not condamn it!
Be good to others, means be good to yourself.

Lil' Jimbo : Peace! Peace...

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