Monday, May 14, 2007

Something That You Will Like To Bare In Mind

Sometimes, we alway think that we're alone. With no pal around us, no companions, no buddies. Yea, that's definately something worth sad of.
However, eventhough you might have whole world of friends, but does that mean you are not lonely? or maybe stuffy?
Hardly anyone I know ! But some of us have all right friends and good friends!!!
So, let me ask you. How many people actually have 8 true friends?
Do not spoil the relationship between you and your friends because of something minor. It's just don't worth for it.
And not to forget, do not create an enemy, even you have numbers of friend around you. They might not able to stop your enemy from hurting you.

Take some moment to be alone. Think back what you had done and what you will do.

Look at yourself, who are you, why are you here? Get a mirror, let it reflect yourself.
When you did something wrong or bad. Reflect yourself. Why did I do so and ETC.

Know your time. What is the time to enjoy and when's the time to work.
God will not spare you even one minute more than others. Be wise and true to yourself to manage the time properly to gain the most experience in your life.
Time is precious, why regret after missing the time?
If you know that you're going to regret for that. Then why do so? right?

Take time to rest. Do not let your body suffer since you're young. Otherwise you will face the consequences of it. Though sleeping is healthy, but do not sleep as much as you like. You still have things to get done just before sleeping.

P/s : For those Girl/Lady/ Women out there, think before you still awake early in the morning. Mr Aging will come to you. Please beware.

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yeekchia said...

i think we also need to live life with compass...for the direction in life..not only with time..

compass = goal
clock = process

but, if you know how to enjoy the process. u know how to enjoy life...


i agree that we need time to spend alone .. to think of what you want in life..n what u r doing exactly..

i hope everybody dont live in the past...n built the future...phase by phase...

live life cool~~