Saturday, May 12, 2007

Specially For You, Dearest Mom!

Dear Mom,

Time seems passes so swiftly,
Every moment,
You're with me,

In my heart.

You're not alone,
Though you are far away.
Though we far apart,
But you're in my heart.

Just the other night,
I tought I heard you cry.
When I see you smile,
I can face the world.
You know I can do anything

Please forgive me,
Don't deny me,

The pain that you're going through.

You're the Angel of mine,
By the moon and the star and the sky.

I know you will be there.

Love is all i need.

You teach me how to crawl, slowly,
I learn how to walk,
and run...

Thus, you educate me how to climb,
To higher status of life.
The way..

Everything I do,

Is for you.

You teach me how to see,

And tell me how to look.

For the good and bad.

And I come to a path .
Who knows it's a miracle.

That I can achieve,

Somehow I will..

Life's complicated,
I crawl, crash and break,

I cried, I fight and I tried.

Anyhow, you will still guide me.

Throughout the way.

You teach me how to create my lil' world.
And look for a bigger globe.

Though I still haven't get into my Big Big world,

At least I still have my Lil' World.

My Family and You.

Mom. I Love You.

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