Thursday, May 24, 2007


Loan Shark , or more friendly name, Mr Along have becoming a major social problem that has bothered in our neighbourhood.

What can be done? hm.. There is, but it's still gone so wild. These are some story of em. XD

Me : OI.. My money le? OI! OI! OI!

Statue of Soldier who is standing : Eh.. Ah Kao! why you own him money a?

Soldier which I'm pointing : eh no la.. erm got got XD Take my horse la ~

Me : = =!! ($#%^&^$%^#%$#%$) I don't care I want your life!!

Soldier which I'm pointing : sorry la boss >.< my boss not yet pay me.. I can't pay you.

Me : Your Pasal(fault) la..

There will be two ending here, either the man pay, or die. Just that easy!

Me : OI OI OI .. You think you king I scare you A? I'm bigger then King ok?

Qing Shi Huang : Sorry la Boss >.< No money!

Me : WHAT ?! You suck so much still no money?! Don't bluff me ok? I know I didnt study much!

Qing Shi Huang : eh really no money la. But I got Girl you want? You go sell la!

Me *Evil* eheheh ok ok ! ON!

Some of these idiots who can't pay off the debts tend to sell off their children or wife. Damn!

Stay away from Mr Along and stay like this buddy over here, Relax~ Enjoy ~

Never ever try to, NOT even think of getting money from Mr Along. Otherwise... See you in newspaper~

P/s : those conversation is just an acting. I'm not Mr Along!!!


yeekchia said... is funny..

Yeah, stay away from Along..they are shark!!

QQ said...

hey man...
me got an account liao...
keep posting, k?
y Mr. Along smile-smile one?
hav to garang sikit...

Raymond~ said...

XD ok ok sure ..
Mr along oso have the cute side one ma XD hahahha

nash said...

that's humor man~~~hahaha~

what a pandai macam laosai's Along~ hahah

try to get "yam si ji" from dead people a ? becareful they will come to you at night~ hee hee~~