Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Angel And Devil Within Our Soul

I believe that there's an Angel and Devil within our soul. Just that how are we going to manage the internal believes.

Why do some of these Human being are willing to kill, hurt others, just to get the money? Do they understand how important and precious life is? Even the Islam do mention about, no one have the authority to take away ones life other than the God. Yet, why is this thing still happening?

When human was born, the mind and soul are pure. Somehow when one grown up, the inner heart got influence by several bad aspects such as lust, greed, ego and more. Slowly, one can do something cruel in order to achieve the goal. What I mean is with nasty ways.

Through early education. We can somehow reduce the possibilities for these matters to happen. Everyone in the society should be a part of it. Do not just depend on one party. Most of the time, parents and teachers are the one who get all the bad names when things happened.

Television had the most influence to our future generation. 18-sx? 18-pl? I don't think it's going to be useful. On the other hand, it's good that gorvenment has make the move to ban the cigar' ad, just to ensure the youth do not mimic it.

I strongly believe that there are still some Angel live within our globe. Most of the Angels in our world has slowly turn into Fallen Angel because of the sack of the world. Children are being poluted with unhealty environments.

There was a case in America where there are 4 young children age within 10-12 are having sex in front of the whole class while the teacher was away for 15minutes. Frankly speaking, this is something very sick. Really really too much. Thank God, this incident didn't happen in our nation. Yet there are some other incidents that had stun our nation's community.

Religion should come into act, and purify the human mind.

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