Thursday, May 10, 2007


who should it be or who is it?
nothing left inside, while letting you go.
gonna let you go...

that's you, that's nothing i can do.
i'll remember when, set forever.
here im again,
nothing set aside and never let you go.
you will never let me go.

letting it alone downtown,
making a way, making a way.
now i wonder, if i can fall into the sky.
now you know i walk a thousand miles,
to you.

i wish i will live in your precious memory.
don't ask me why.
i know i will be there tonight.
don't wanna let you know,
so that you won't remember it.

all the things she said,
running through my head.
which is not enough.
there's a magical feeling,
you can try to resist,
but you know,
can't fight the moonlight,

it's been awhile,
coming to question the matter,
i will stress myself again.
all the thing i tought i miss,
all these memories are so close to me.

and all the mistake, and i finally go away,
and now we're here, yet so far away.
i can't forget and i'm not afriad.
i think im doing ok.

i never shown before,
i must be sleepy.

soon the monsoon rain fall,
through the serene beaches,
strong gusty wind,
blow all it down,
again and again.

when you say good bye..
petrify and step aside.
i do what i like and i like what i do.

i know i must be lonely,
but no one know me.
drop that and drop that and not ready.

dash dash mad mad..
crack crack fat fat..

tell me that is over..
and i will be the first to go.
and dont want be the last to go ..

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