Saturday, May 26, 2007

What's Life To Me.

Life is like a lonely candle flame, The flash is lil when your life started and the lifespam of the candle flame will disappeared slowly without notice.

Life's unknown, just like the candle flame. The blaze might just went off anytime, anyday. and some might lighten up others through out their life till the end.

Somehow, Life still go on...

Life is similar to the lonesome moon above the clear sky. The cloudless sky without any stars, wouldn't it be sorrow?

Imagine the sky with thousand stars within the moonlight shadow. Shimmering heaven through the eye of mine.

Life's wonderful if we are being accompany by buddies.

Human nature, being Angel or Devil. Live in heaven or hell.

No doubt that this world are full of disaster, but there's still Angels within.

Robbery, raping case and other sinful accidents always happen. And that's fate.

You can always choose to be an Angel. Help others around and bring joy to the world.

God is always there to observe us.

Do good and God will bless you with happiness. If vice versa, Lord of Destruction will knock your front door to pay you a visit.

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