Monday, June 4, 2007

What's up in Medan?

When I was away to Medan to attend my Brother's wedding dinner, during the time period, I saw a few interesting stuff .. XD

We have Darlie in Malaysia, but in Medan, they have "Darkie". Looks like the evil character in "Batman".

Will I be Darkie if i use it? Gosh...

*21-sx rated.

WA... Threesome is cool ~ Froggie~

I was thinking going to try on, laksa, mee rebus, sup ayam, kambing..or BUNTUT?

ASS SOUP!! Chicken ass soup?!

That soup was like RM5, for chicken ass? Great...

and it's the most expensive one. gosh..

Bebek~ is duck in Bahasa Indon
Kepiting~ is crab in Bahasa Indon

I Don't know that in Medan there will serve "chee qiong fan" during the wedding. was like.. erm RM1 for the whole plate?

ES cream? Ice Cream is' it? Chey, I t

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