Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Now Everyone Can Fly, But...

When I come back from Medan by AirAsia(AirBus A320), I faced some problem with my luggage bag which some out like this when I went to collect it.

Crap! My Precious Polo City luggage bag which has accompany me more then 2 years get ruin by those AirAsia workers!

The wheel parts got broken into two pieces! My god! They just simply throw my innocent bag!

SEE! Broken wheel and broken heart.. and they only pay me RM30 for that or ask me to go to Penang Airport and give then repair AND go back again to collect.. Non-sense, I so free?

Therefore, The AirAsia should add another phrase in their slogan.

"Now Everyone Can Fly, But Not Guarantee Your Goods."


Li Ying said...

I know! They don't take care of ur bags properly. They'll just simply throw it here n there!!

Raymond~ said...

yea.. what to do, we want to go but still like that.

they dont want to learn!