Monday, July 16, 2007

May 13

Haven't been in here for a long time since a month ago as I was busy with my stuff.
Sorry for that =D

Recently, I was reading about the incident about May 13, 1969 and the Author, Kua Kia Soong bring out a lot of disclosed facts that had been hidden from us.

Basically before the incident break out, the Opposition Party won greatly on the 1969 General Election. The Opposition Party are the onethat blamed for all the riots that crashed out on 1969.

During the riots on 1969, Razak was the one who have the total power while Tunku was considered a figure which don't have any political power.

The records show that the riots were carefully planned and organize. Most importantly, the security force did not act professionally and allowed the Malay thugs to go about murder the ethnic Chinese, but Chinese areas the curfew is strictly enforced.
On the other hand, the military itself, give a bad name by looting in Kuala Lumpur.

There are some examples that I would like to share out which is :-
1) First, the Malay military can however shot the gun-fire into Chinese pupil's shop lots/ houses.
2) The Malay military can even crack jokes with the Malay thugs.

Only Suharto regime in Indonesia congratulate the Malaysian regime for imposing " Malay dominance " for " keeping the Chinese down "
While other countries in the region give reasonable comment on this incident.

As long the government do not change the mindset of "special rights" and fix it right for all Malaysian citizen, we will not advance as a nation that will soar high at the global arena.

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yeekchia said...

Suckz...i meant R....

this incident live in my blood as my dad has been telling me this since i was small.

and every chinese in Msia should know this incident.

Then they will not eye-covered by all those dirty technique they did to us, and still doing on us.

chinese who borned here has the same right with other too!

for the human right and a citizen's right~