Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Journey To Baling's Hotspring !

On last Saturday(28/7/07), I went to Kedah's most famous Hotspring - Ulu Legong

From the main road, you will need to follow the Gate to reach the destination.

From here to the destination will need about 15min. Deep inside the jungle!

For your infomation, along the way you can see bunch of Orang Asli running around, BUT not naked! They are just like all of us, just that they looks like African.

There you go, our destination -Ulu Legong.

View from the main gate.

And this is the pool.

See the wap emarge from the pool? It's hot! I tried to put my hand in during the noon, BLOODY HELL! It's boiling hot! Somehow, it's totally different in the later night.

Lot people + Shouting + Playing Sound till 5am morning = Insane

So after 10pm, we start to soak ourselves into the Hotspring pool and... something actually happened.

My ballz is going to be so *Tasty*, because the water is so... warm till my ballz are half-cooked! BALLZ!

And this guy over here... erm? Wong Fei Hong in Hotspring eh?

...zz, the picture says a Thousand Words.... =D

Before we leave in the next morning, I manage to get a snapshot. mystic hill with awesome scene is definitely the place to release your stress!

Overrall 7/10 :P

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