Friday, February 20, 2009

My life teacher.

Once I heard someone told me that, Enjoy your life and treat yourself better.
and this is what MOST human being are doing.
Enjoying themselves too much and end up with something else.

Well this is something real from what I experience myself, and this is the quote I come up with,
"Treat others the best, then only others will treat you good."
Try follow this within you, and tell me if it's not true.

Life isn't fun and you won't grow up if you don't face difficulties.
Well, life will be fun even though you face some damn shit in your life.
Think that it's a lesson and a challenge that will improve you.
Let your mind control your heart and telling that it's fun, as if that you're playing games!
So, it's easy to kill off your problems and making you a level higher than the previous you!

Wait no more! Go and help others out and train your mind now~

PS: Going out to photo- shooting tomorrow at Gurun, Kedah. So no update for Tomorrow~

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