Saturday, February 14, 2009

Melody Of Life

What is Love, when nothing is being loved.
Who will care for the mighty curve?

One for all, and all for one.
that's the brotherhood, which for the past ones.

Days had passed, and nothing is changed.
With the care she gave, and the words she said.

Who am I, to give a share.
As only God, have the power of that.

I love You, that's what I couldn't say.
To fall from the heaven,
and I'm dead.

Fallen Angel, is who I'm.
Fated to battle against the loved fair.
I crawl and I dare!
What God actually cares?

From time to time,
for endless day.
Look at the screened box, and dreaming at the night.
Waking up at the middle of the night,
and no one care.

Sleeping in a darkness room,
with no one beside me.
Feel of the loneliness, within my blurry shadow.
Lonely Ranger indeed.

Voice from the past,
Joining your and mine,
and creating the wonderful melody.
and that's you and me.

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