Friday, February 20, 2009

Bloody Chinese Scammer

Duh! I'm so shame with some attitude of some old chinese uncle. Not too old i suppose, maybe over 40.

Here's the story:
One night, I was chatting with my friend outside my rented house. When my friend want to go home, one lamer come to me while I was closing the gate, he come down from the motor and ask me know where's xxx house.

Of could I don't know as I just move in to the place. So, I reply politely. Then he starts another topic, saying that his son is sick, then bla bla bla... then I reply:" huh?"

Only he says that he want to get RM20 from me. Saying that wanna use it for his son. HELLO? can that stupid uncle clever abit? Use la something else to scam my money la. Cut your leg and beg from me or whatever which can get my sympathy la, idiot!

Anyway, those Stupid uncles basically will use the money for beer... bloody garbage of society!

So, the morale of the story is: when someone ask you something out of sudden. (uncless) just ignore them and act like you don't know anything.

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