Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heaven or Hell

Lost in mind, and share with sight...
life are lost in a matter of time.
Who can predict the Angel of Death,
Will come in peace or burned in hell.

Human are being that blessed with soul,
with the wisdom of all creatures' role.
Some with brainy and some they don't,
for those who don't,
shall let the world doom.

Yes we're in the world of hunger,
where human are eating another human.
Now we see the war in zone,
killers are human,
and the prey are too.

Time of peace shall never be here,
when the people of greed covering dear.
Those who have power, the mighty one,
and they are the one who bully the others.

It's the fun towards the one,
who have the power and sees no one.
Where else for the little one,
like the normal citizen like you and everyone.
Living in the world, but staying in a hell,
Where there's no one you can trust,
or maybe just your loved ones.

When there's no one to get you out,
when you know you're no longer in a shout.
covering with shits and deeply drown,
and God shall be the one, and will never let you down.

Hell or Heaven, you're the one to choose,
To see it negatively and you will be perish in Hell.
To see it positively and you will be cheered well.

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