Monday, February 16, 2009

Teacher Training School!

I studied in a weird place,
It's a Teacher Training School!
Not Institute as:

1: They treat you like a school children!
Example: They will ask you to do train walk if you're late to class... WHAT BULLSHIT?!

2. They ban you from walking or sitting with opposite sex in pair.
Example: They will catch them even if they are talking or passing notes... No wonder so many AH GUAs around..

3. They will make sure you register (marry) if they caught you in pair!
Example: There are a few pairs had been forced to register by them! WHAT THE F**K?

Yea, please tell me that your college, institute or university give out such UNIQUE treatments to you guys out there!

Worse thing worse, some lecturers are bloody "colour wolf".
They told the students that, he personally saw some chinese gal's pantie when walking up the stairs?!

Yea, that's one bloody FACT!


Shu ChinG said...

I Agree! But what to do, we are in this culture. =.=

jasmie said...

ya, what to do??
bo bian...

W.S. Yeoh said...

This is what UMNO need to be :P

inside MPTB all are UMNO people.