Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lost in space

I am lost in the space, where there are plenty aliens around me, and this happened in my dream.
And now, I'm lost in the space, of the digital device. Viruses/Trojans had captured me!

Wasting time on those non-sense for more than 7 hours within 2 days is too much... and why the hell do those pupils in the world would like to create chaos rather than peace?

I'm lost, in the world of civilization, where those who had civilized, had themselves did some very uncivilized actions. Killing, stealing, raping, kidnapping and any other things that related to vice.
Sad indeed, human had lost in their own world.

I'm lost, in the world of materialistic, where those who are fashionable and those who're going for material are gone off their mind. Thousands for a non-sense when you can get that for a few hundred or even lower? Branded items were so bloody important to them. Can a branded item make you an immortal?

I'm lost, in the world of lust! Where those who freeze themselves in the realms of hell by condemning themselves for the opposite sex. Those who only sees female(male) but not friends. Then what are actually friends suppose to be? A tool? or a 24/7 free taxi driver? Oh yeah, may God BLAST you...

I'm lost! in the world of karma! So much are complaining and yet so lil are appreciate their current life. Karma is such a wonderful fruit, that make every single of us learn what is actually buried beneath in the heart of human soul. Live with it and learn with it, and karma should lead you to the place where you know your own destiny.

I'm lost again, in the world of immorality. Where family is no longer a family. And relationship between them are so sucky. As a son, we must be like a son and treat your family the best you can. For those who don't and as what old man's says. "What you did to others, and one day you will repay what you had did to others."

Life is Fair, just that how you look at the world, which full of changes and plenty of challenge awaits in the skies. Always think what you have, but not what you didn't, and you will realize that your life lives better on that way.

Early morning when you're awake, take a good breath and tell yourself that it's a good day to change the world to a better place. Knowing that the world is round, and anyone who help others will get the rewards some others day. The God knows it all.

Fare well, and there she/he goes. Everyone will leave the world and meet our creator one day without bringing anything from earth including wealthy or anything else but memories. So why don't we help others while we could and donate the money we can afford to those who need.

No one would want their friends to curse them even if you're dead. So there goes again with the memories part, Good or Bad... it's up to you...

God bless you...

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