Saturday, January 31, 2009

Karmatic Life

It's been awhile, I had make myself a complicated chap who make sure everyone are happy and enjoy their life without even taking care of my own self.

Millions of times, some did advice me not to be that. Yet, I failed them and treating others the best I really could and Yes I did it for the sack of letting everyone in the world enjoy the excitement of life that the globe shall offer.

It might be a totally different outcome when I do it. God's playing with me, or I'm fooling myself with my stupid theory regarding "who you live for?"

Every times I helped someone, and what I get back from them are totally shit. Sometimes I ponder about this question myself, and really wanted to know the fact of God, stated that, do good and get good. Is it true?

This world is started to smoked with lust, sin, and devilish characteristic unlike centuries ago.
The better development of one country, the worsen moral value will be. Robbing, killing, raping etc. Making me sick of this world.

Why just can't the world be a better place by offering helps to others and stop being selfish and acting out those qualities that ain't suppose to show off. When will these Homo Sepia understand the important of self value? and ending up being caught in the realm of hell.

Now, The hell realm isn't located in the Underground Hell anymore.
It's located where you are living right now, EARTH... The Living Hell.

Human are way more terrible than the ghost!
They kill,
They steal,
and they do everything,

With their own bloody will.

Karma is one of the reason for everything that happened in our life.
It's simple, Do good deed and God will rewards you handsomely.
It's life, no one will treat you good unless you treat someone good first...

~Om Mani Pad Me Hom~

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