Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's my life, when gamble.
Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don't.

It's such a wonder that life is a game of gambling.
When we're given choices in the exam with multiple answers that we don't actually understand.
What will we do?
Gamble! Just hoping hard that we will strike the right one.

There's a saying about gamble in mandarin: 十赌九输(gamble 10 times, and lost 9 times)
Sorting out the meaning that, we will lose more than win in gambling.
It's the same with life, we do not gamble out our life! or we shall face the consequence.

Somehow or rather, if you have watch the movie "21".
One can actually calculate the probability of the odd in the gamble games and starting to be a winner.
But, that's only 0.001% of the player did that.
and this scenario too apply in our life. Some do calculate and plan out their life and they ending up being a big winner of life.

Well, for normal being like us. We always pray for miracle to happen.
Luck is what we need and that will determine our future.
Some complain about how much they lost in the gamble and how much they win.
To me, it's not important.
Gamble is just a way to enjoy our life and release the tension.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, Gambling is not our main job. Do not Stuck your head in.
So this apply to our life to, enjoy the moments but not the ending.

Criteria to be a winner in life for me:-
1. Hardworking
2. Stay Alert
3. Be Kind/ Caring is Sharing
4. Helpful
5. Charity
6. Respect
7. Don't too Fussy
8. Not Small Gas (Angry Over Small Matter)

And I always remembered this for the rest of my life...
"The Richest Person In The World, Will Be The One Who Own A Wonderful Family"

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