Friday, January 30, 2009

Gamble Fiesta

Losing a game in simple gambling game seems create chaos and tension to some players.
Making it a whole new disaster to one's life.

The world is round and the God is fair.
When you win, thus you shall lose the other days.

When you win a game, doesn't mean that you win everything,
and when you lost a game, doesn't mean that you lost everything.

When you win, others will be down. Thus they might have think of something bad towards you, cursing you. It's simple, look at our life...
Human nowadays are racing for a better life...
Ok, so if you rich... Does it mean you have a lot of friends who are truthfully befriend with you?

One might be losing out money, but the one who's your true friends will never leave you and continuing to support you.
Same apply to the real world. When you're poor, they will stick around with you and have the unity together.

So which one would you prefer?

"Meaning of life, shall I be fear.
To the mountain of high, Anyone will ever heard.

Blessed with fellows, who's willing to fought,
You will never be hungry, nor alone in the darkness." -Raymondcno <<=== LOL

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