Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A voice from the past...

A memory of mine, had fall behind. Within the range of dangerous find.

A picture of mine, Had leave behind. With all the Memories had fade behind.

The sight had bind, the soul had climb.
All the secret will be clear in mind.

For the one who gone from me, and for all the time you share.
There will always something gone, making the time shade.
beneath my heart, I had surrender you.
and within my heart, you are never there.

Film to Digital, and the photo is there.
Photo can be burn, but the memories still there.
who's the wonder who I rather care,
and for those I cared, who's wonder where.

There she goes, and she doesn't care.
With all the might, she done and flare.
Mixed feeling, with all the taste of nowhere.
I fly and stop as the clouded fair.

Thousands and Million, that's what I should care.
The voice from the past, had summon me...
and carrying me, on and on...

The memories can go off, but it will be back...
so far, and so near again.

Let it go, and leave the lonely world behind...

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