Friday, February 20, 2009

Criteria For GirlFriend

I'm very particular with the qualities of a girl.

1. Can't be lazy as a lazy bum will never be a Good Wife.
2. Must be a polite girl including respecting the old folks etc.
3. She hates shopping - as I hate shopping too Plus shopping waste money LOL.
4. Tolerant and Caring PLUS love animals.
5. Need not be cute or pretty or sexy or whatever. I don't go for looks.
6. Don't be too selfish and self-centered. Hate Gals like that...
7. Mouth itchy-laugh and talk like nobody business, do not take care of own image.
8. Talk nicely, don't shout! or talk to me like very rude.
9. I'm very traditional, so don't wear so exposed.
10. If you can help me clear the kitchen after I cook, it's GOOD! If you know how to cook, then it's better LOL!

erm.. will add to the list once I remember what I need to add in.


Shu ChinG said...

Good..She should be that but guys should consider for the girl too.

Raymond~ said...

what to consider?