Thursday, December 25, 2008

What's actually Christmas to me...

Well, Christmas to me, was like Peaceful. Everyone sing a wonderful Christmas song together...
but what I did see in my own eye is, totally chaos... not to say who's right and wrong, but i just don't like it.

Yeah, i agreed that X'mas countdown suppose to be fun, but do those people actually think of others? I saw some really old uncles and aunties around the countdown just to feel that great moments together with their family.

Then here come the scenario, most of the teenagers who attend the countdown, are over excited and started to spray anywhere they like, as if their bloody house compound. Some even spray their friends and end up looking like an idiot. Some other innocents passerby also get indirectly sprayed.

For you information, those spray actually create hell lots of unknown chemical out of it, if i'm not wrong, CFC is one of em, and hell, it makes others so hard to breath! Please, those elders need some fresh clean air FFS...

Cars are not in their "un-sprayed" list... this Kancil is badly sprayed by those moron, will they ever think of others' felling? Imagine someone spray your car? What will you feel?

Yea, please tell me that you're gratefully let others spray your precious car.

Is our society gaining all kinda shits? With these kinda mentality, how the hell our country gonna improve.. well..

The younger Chinese generation are getting more suck up every single day. It's a big gap between the older and the younger generation. It's really heartbroken indeed.

Well, judge for yourself.. count in the picture above, how many of em covering their mouth and nose with either their hand or clothes.

Just because of some idiots who wanted to have fun, and hell lots of others who's innocent get "attacked" with those.

Oh yeah, forgotten about those RUBBISH! look for yourself then...

On my second thought, I will not ever want to celebrate my precious Xmas there anymore.

~ Merry Christmas ~

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