Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I will wait for you

It had been awhile where I missed the one, who had gone so far, yet so near to my heart.
16 years had passed, and soon 17...
and still, the one who I missed so much won't come back to me forever.

If God give me an option, I won't never want the one I missed so much leave me.
I felt so cold! and lonely ...
Sometimes I cry whenever remember how this thing could actually happened to me...

Well, this is how natures work...
What comes around, goes around,
I will always wait for you,
and Love you.. Grandpa..

"Oh Lord, Please hear my plea,
For all the memories that I had missed,
Let me have a chance to meet my loved one,
No matter where, how, when... Please, just once..."

Love ya grandpa!

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