Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sea, Shells and Her Dearest Mother

To the Sea, I shall and wonder through the night.
This is how I live in this great moment of life.
Seeing miracle in my eye,
Nursing with fond of prior moment in time.

Thousands of years had they live through,
The sight of aging just passes by.
They might be broken, into pieces!
But never letting one or another die.

Feelings of Nature is such a truth,
Where our Mother had feed us food.

We never have enough, what Mother offer us.
And making our mother fading conclude.

Life of Nature, Blessing of God.
To all the creatures, that born as one.
We're the master, and we have the Wisdom.
The more we progress, The more they lost.

What about me? The human says.
And through the tunnel, our Mother says.

Who are you caring at, and what do you say?
Being King of the creature is what I gave.

I want money and I want sway!
How many suffer because of your nasty ways!

We live and We leave,
Any Time! Any Where!
Why we can advance, with all our might,
but left our poor Mother far behind?

Think twice before doing anything,
And please save our Mother Nature,
She's Crying... and no one's hearing.

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