Sunday, December 14, 2008

Communication, Respect and Treasure

I always wanted to write an article about this, and yes today i did it.

When two person been together, there are three important things to remember.
When two person from different environment and wanted to be together, it can consider as a very tough matter.
For those pupils who can Communication, Respect and Treasure are too little.

Because most of the human being basically stand on their own to complete or do something selfishly without thinking of others.

Always think that this is what others need, and started getting annoyed when others complain.

Therefore, Love someone doesn't mean giving him/her what you want, because what you want, might not be the one they need.
But giving him/her , and that the way you really love him/her.

Thus, there's three things which is crucial when two being together :
Communication, Respect and Treasure

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