Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Celebration at Portuguese Settlement of Malacca

This is Texeira Road which allocated at the west side of Portuguese Settlement, and roughly 5minutes walking distance from my house. So basically, every xmas eve midnight, there will be some sorta countdown and celebration there.

During the whole week before xmas, those Portuguese Settler will start to decorate their house with all kind of wonderful Uncle Santas' stuff, rain deer, lighting decoration and more!

Too bad, you can't find any sexy and seductive Santa Lady around...

To my suprise, this Santa was actually dancing and talking "HO HO HO".
WTF? when i was concentrating on snapping photo and that Santa making noise...
and i was nearly get shocked by that and bang someone behind me.. ops..

Damn you! Dancing Fake Santa =x

Joy to the world.. yea, Merry Christmas to all of ya!

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so nice...