Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Toughts of mine - Life

Sailing in the sea, and that's what I see.
All kind of human being, looking at the sunset scene.

Movies are wonders, when full of great Actors.
Those actors with dramatic talents to create a special moments.

But Life are puzzled, when full of great "Actors".
Those "actors" with fantastic PRETENDING talents to create chaos moments.

Fly through my dream, I had dreamed all kinda chapters.
Sometimes, i dream about my family,
i dream about my passed away grandpa, i cry in my dream..
and sometimes i dream about my friends.

i cried when i'm sad, i laugh when i'm amused.
i afraid when i'm scared, i wonder when i'm pondering.

who said that a man shouldn't cry? and a man shouldn't fear?
live as a human, and not a demon.
live as a man, with full of passions and feelings.


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