Friday, March 20, 2009

Letter to myself

I'm here, yet I can't felt that I'm here.
With lots of human, but I'm not belong to them.
I miss him, for his kindness that had shown.
My dearest Grandpa, that had long gone.

I still remember, when I was five...
You have go without telling me where had u been. And mummy told that I was laughing when you're with God. I don't know, why and how. I'm still young and don't know you're going to leave me forever, leaving only a lil memories behind for me to survive for the rest of my life.

Do you know how's my life going on? I'm sure you can see from the skies. I always like to snap pictures of skies and oceans, just to hope that one day I could actually caught you on my photo. I know I'm dreaming, but at least I have a dream. I always told myself, what gone will never return and that really hurts a lot and I always hate to live in reality.

Do we fated to be separated soon after that we have know each other for less than 1 year, as I don't know anything when I was a baby? How fair is that to me? and you? I really don't know what will happen to me...

My father says, "A man shall not cry". But it's not possible, I'm a human and I have feelings. I cry when i sad and I laugh when I'm happy. I don't want to be robot! So, I cry when i felt like crying and I laugh when I felt like laughing. Everything seems so wrong to the world. You can do this, you can't do that... and how will we live in a happy moments?

After a storm, there will be a rainbow... that's what I learn in my life. I cried and I arise as a better man. Search for the path I'm looking for. The philosophy that I'm living for, the motto that I'm fighting for and for the family, I'm loving for, and for the world, I'm working for.

What comes around, goes around. When I understand this phrase, lot things came to my mind... Death, Money, Friends and everything...

Why do I need so much money, if I can't bring it when it's time to meet my creator?
Why do I fear of death, when I knew that it's Law of Nature?

The only thing will be leave over, will be the memories that one's had done. And that is why I'll miss my grandpa so much.

Well, that's life where you have to choose to face your journey with smile on your face or had you life carried out in miserable way and you will have your face twisted and sad forever?

Cheer Raymond! Don't be Foolish!

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