Tuesday, March 31, 2009

again i'm filled with tourment.
at the midnight of a thoughtful day.
thousands of different lesson of life.
shoot into my head.

who's your real friends who will support you along your journey?
something seems quite easy to answer, but most of us failed to answer.

ponder and ponder.
i was thinking.
what are friends suppose to be?
backstabbing you?
double face?
betraying you?

well. that might be types of friends available in the 'market'.
so 'purchase' with care. extra care.

who can we trust then?
Family. the one and only you should trust and you must trust.
never let your family down. and that's the basic knowledge every homosepian should have.

it's not easy for ur daddy n mommy to raise you up. how much time hv they spend to educate you to be a better person?

somehow. i'm sad to see that being a son or daughter, sent their own parents away. that's totally bullshit! is that your parents get after raise you up and send you for education, feed you food, give you clothes etc.

for those who dump their parents away. sorry. i would like to wish you:' fk off'

karma will come and when you're old. you will be treated as if how you treat your parents.

have you ever say i love you to your parents? if no, please do so.
they are always ready to listen to that magical words and a warm hug from their off spring.

don't you wish next time your children come up to you and hug you, saying that.
'dad, i love you' or 'mom, i love you'.

there was a story where a man plan to abandon his own father.
so the man bring his father inside a basket and ready to abandon his father somewhere far away.
before he's going off the room, his son told him.
'dad, please bring back the basket for me.'
and the man felt weird and asked why.
then the child says that,
' i will need the basket to carry you away when you're old.'
so you should understand what happen next.

the earth is round, thus what comes around goes around.


Samantha Janey said...

Aw... you're emo? Need any consultancies? XD

Raymond~ said...

I will wrote an emo post before i went to sleep ~

splashing all my negative thoughts out so that I will remind myself not to be emo when i read the post...

and also serve as a remembrance when im getting older..