Monday, March 30, 2009


why some i know are greedy and some i know are not.

why i pay extra for petrol,
and they gv me back, but
some human don't?

why some be slave of money,
and sees it like everything?

money is not everything.
money is just a tool to let me know one better.

who you are will shown when how you use your money and will let me determine whether you worth my trust or vice versa.

money is something that you want.
but not really need if you teally know how to live.
everyone one is dependance on money.
but money is not everything.
whether for me to like or hate you.

money is something.
but not everything my friends.
look beyond the fake scene and live your life a more enjoyable one.


Samantha Janey said...

Agree... but it can't help when the environments needs money to let us survives...

Raymond~ said...

lol i know money is ur hubby =D