Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Auto City Lantern Festival 2007

Soon after the long internet failure and lame busy period, I had the chance to visit the famous lantern festival @ Auto City Penang.

This is one and only wonderful moment where you will have the wonderful opportunity to watch all those mouthless Hello Kitty~ and some other extraodinary animals and other creatures. From the front view of this grand lantern festival, you can see two Hello Kitty waving to you while "destroying" the Penang bridge~

After i had the chance to get myself a ticket for RM15, and proceed the lantern journey. as you can see, they produce all the lantern ranged from Hello Kitty model and other creative model made of cloth but not paper as it's located outdoor. If anything bad weather will not spoil the model.

Adorable model kitty and friends will be totally awesome for any Hello Kitty fans and lil children who really like cartoon character!

The whole place was like a paradise where all the cartoon characters seem so alive and waving around with you, welcoming you as warm as the weather do.

anyway, i like the lil doggie wearing the cap =D it's cute and looks like my doll =x

The combination of these cartoon character and the atmosphere are closely related, and definitely you will feel as if you're in the mood and the environment you're being at.

Don't you feel like hugging the panda bear? XD .. if your answer is yes, then you should hug me too as i looks like panda bear because i really lack of ZZZZZZzzz..

On the other hand, you can see hundred of animals roaming around the whole lantern garden, you will feel like you're visiting a night safari with all the lightening and rhino having fun around the place and more more more ~

more to come later on ~ to be continue~