Monday, October 8, 2007

Winded Soul

who should i tell, when the river's flow.
how the sunny grow, i wish i really know.

memory's fonding, time fading.
cloud's floating and friends' leaving.
what should i do?
almighty God, please do hear my plea, of your tiny lil soul,
beneath the earth of endlessness cold.

beyond the mountain i would go,
soar beyond the celestial heaven,
to meet my beloved who passed away.
God, can you give me a hand on this?
I miss my grandpa.

winded soul i'm,
through out the wilderness fold.
more and more, and much more to go...
that's my journey below.
between the heaven, earth,
or should i said another paradise where bad guy goes.

oh mother of earth, spare me with the mercy of destructive,
spare me with more lifely flow.
i might stand and i might fall,
all are with you.. i will be with you..

may the spirit with you.. bless you..

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