Saturday, October 13, 2007

Auto City Lantern Festival 2007 Part 3

Since the last update that i made, i show some of the most exciting lantern-made creature in Auto City Penang, feels like as if i'm in Taipeng Night Zoo ~

Now, i shall introduce you another part of the whole lantern festival- Dino Garden.

While having fun wondering at the Lantern festival, i had the chance to snap some of these Dino's pictures which i might consider myself very lucky because the next day my friend went to the same place... guess what?! It rains~ hooray~ haha~

I was wondering why this type of dino like to eat eggggg.. raw one somemore~ Seems like body builder XD eat more egg Keat Keat~ muscle~

And, the egg behind already spoil, because the bulb picah or maybe just spoil. I tried to hit those egg, but i got warn from my friend not to....

Soon after that i came to this, Ziraffa-like Dino~ Diploducus if im not wrong~ pure 100% vegetarian XD and behind Diploducus... hm. i think is Diploducus bf waiting for her la..

About this... saddening, it looks like my Chiwawa at my home~
somehow the colouring at this dino body was like... army? neh who cares..
anyway this dino is call - Stegosaurus.

Again, this looks like my doggie too, so cute XD if it's made of teddy material, no doubt that i might just go by there and hug it.. then zzzZzzz to the next morning.

This dino call Monoclonius... sounds so complicated =_=!

This buddy over here looks perfectly like a cicak! Maybe it's cicak's great great great grand father? This dino name is....

Velocisaurus~ Sounds like my sister-in-law's name.. Verolica~ XD

And this is the same dino as above, just that in this pic, dino wanted to show off his tougue~

ohhhhhhhh... the last one is no then others, Mr T-rex~ Damn huge huh?
No la.. camera angle only~ very small one..

erm.. same dino as above, just that the focus is different..
can you spot the "not" in this pic?


Michael Song said...

if i were u, i will burn those lanterns... hiak hiak hiak...

VLADIMIR said...

i will chop off the dino head for a souvenir :X

Raymond~ said...

woot.. dont burn or chop la oi.. not good oi !