Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Auto City Lantern Festival 2007 Part 2

As i promised, i will continue the Auto City Lantern Festival's picture~ here is it.. ta DA..
For your information, i walked more than 1 hour to finish the whole thing, and only one word to mention about it. "Spendid"

Fancy Hello Kitty? there are plenty of Hello Kitty figure there~ Some lil kiddo standing in front of the figure and tend to block my camera view for more then 5 minutes, gosh~

Thinking of Hello Kitty, i still can recall back once ago, McD have the promotion of selling some kind of Hello Kitty Toy and everybody starts rush to McD just to buy it. And some even fight for them.. =D Seems stupid to me tho...

As you can see, there are quite a lot of beautiful birdy out there watching the moon.. erm? moon?
but frankly speaking, i enjoy the scene where the moon in the starry night, and with the lantern accompanying me~ foyooo~

And you also can see some dog... i mean tiger~ roaming around~
Suddenly think of my doggie ~ where i used to chase her around the house for nothing...
Maybe it's good for me because i can keep fit! XD but poor dog ..

Front view of that silly tiger lantern~ This lantern really attract my attention as it seems so real and one boy nearly get shocked when he saw this =D

and this is how the Cheetah try to catch the deer or whatever animal it's. But it seems like that Cheetah wanna have sex with that deer~ =D~

Woot~ to be continue again in the next episode of Dino Garden in Auto City Lantern Festival 2007~


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