Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Food! @ Malacca

After came back from Penang, my buddies and I planned to have Food! hunting Every Single Night. Ha... This dedicated to my Bro @ Penang, Matt

So as around 8pm, The Food! hunting members had arrived @ my house before we shot to any awesome Food! that available during this hour @ Malacca

"Ah.. Where to eat a?"
This is one major problem that we always faced..

But without much hesitation and thinking, we drove out and starts to go around the whole Malacca town for food! Some how we have much arguement and disagreement about the destination that we're heading to. And we Spend more then 30min lurking around Malacca town....

At last, we decided to have our meal @ Amigo behind Melaka Raya.

I believe most of the Malaccan know where this place is. This place serve steak and grill Food! and some local Foods! too.

Now, when we're entering the place, you can see Yellow lighting Everywhere ( excluding the Loo tho..)

I strongly recommand those couple to enjoy their dinner here as they offer the Romantic atmosphere around. Dont you wish to dine here with ya partner?

So after we settle down our sits, and the waiter came to us and give us the menu...
*after 5 Min of Kepo'ing* we decide our Food! and patiently waited for the Food!

Oh yea, forget to introduce my Buddies. The guy @ left side is Min, while the right side one call Vincent~

While waiting, Vincent show off his CellPhone~ WooT! Yea.. i know i don't have laaaaa..~

And for myself... nothing much, just twist and turning around. Yawning like a Koala Bear..

And Vincent took over my camera and CamWhoring himself...

After a few minutes of hardship for waiting.. finally our order arrived! Woot!

JumBo XL Fruit Juice! @ RM 5.50 Fulala~~ From left : Watermelon, Apple , Orange

Now compare the size with the 50cents =D Great isn't it?

And they happily SUCK the Juice while waiting for the main course~

Woot~ the main course is here, they order Sizzling Black Paper Chicken @ RM9.00 ( Rating 8/10 - I can say that dish is kinda awesome and cheap too! )

While I ordered Chicken Speghetti @ RM4.50. (Rating 4/10 - I can cook better than that!)

Now compare both dishes.... I was kinda regret after that...

and out of no where, the waitress asked me whether if i wanted to try their Tempura Prawn.
So, I say yes because I'm still not happy with the food! *Jealous with their Dish*

And this is how it looks like.. And it's RM8.00. (Rating 3/10 - tasteless & expensive )

After Finish our Food! We quickly drink up our drinks so that we can get a ticket to watch movie @ MBO ( Malacca Box Office)

As we trying hard to finish the drinks, I nearly felt asleep... The Fruit juice is just simply TOO BIG! XL!! Damn... Full of water inside my tummy now..

After we finish our dinner, it's about 10min before 10pm and we rush to MBO. The car distance from Amigo to MBO is about 20 minutes. So when we reach there, we were so damn happy about it.

Somehow, that bloody cinema have their last show @ 10pm. What the hell?! We came so far just to watch the movie and you say the last show is 10pm... CRAP! so we sadly leave the place and go home..... Bla... stupid night..

The next day ( Tuesday )~ Again Food! Hunter again gather @ my house and today we plan to get ourself Satay Celup! So we rush to Capital Satay Celup Stall where there are lots of Pretty Indon Ladies Serving us~ YAhoo~~ ( Sorry ah.. want see girls go there see Yourself =D)

And we Took some of the ingredient....

And waited for the lady to put in Spice and Peanut into the curry base soup..

And Throw in all The ingredients~~~~~~~ and wait the food! to boil~

and Vincent start the Food! Hunting Section 2 ceremony! *shake shake~*

Vincent: oi.. eat la. Make me Cuak Sai(shocked) only.

By This time, some "Cute" uncle appear at the stall and waving here and there, like Giving away 4D numbers!

Then he loitering around the place and still giving numbers...

Mean while.. I have a small talk with the waitress. (p/s : the talk had been converted to English version due to laziness of mine to write another Malay + Indon version )

Me : Eh.. See that Handsome guy over there... Your husband?
Waitress : No! he isn't my husband la! he's your friend!
Me : %$^^&^&#@$#@ =x

Woot, I kena Shoot ~

Oh yea, that man also "own" a luxury car~

Below is a One minutes To Fame show featuring This guy...

After watching the movie, we planned to leave the place as we are eating for more then 2hours! and this is we eat~

But before we're going to pay the bill, the waitress took a BIG BIG Prawn to our table. And below is the short footage of how the prawn being Celup'ed

and this is the comparison of 50cents, a small eaten prawn head and the XXL Prawn.

Fuuuuuuu yooooooooooo.... WONDERFUL!

Feel jealous? haha~

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nice malacc food there... i will be goin there too soon.