Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Do you think Mathematic is Plain boring and you like Arts more?

Since I was in my earlier life, in my tiny little brain thinks that Mathematic is a plain boring plus dead subject which will kill anyone in the WORLD!

Slowly when I get contact more with the world of Mathematic, I started to get amaze with the "Arts" that involved with Mathematic.

This is some example why I said Mathematics can consider as Arts.

1. Draw the first object.
2. Rotate it at the sharp point @ 90 degree.
3. Rotate it for another 2 times until you get picture number 3.
4. Select the picture number 3 and rotate @ the center point with the rotation point of 22.5 degree.
5. Stop when you get the fifth picture and throw in whatever colour you like!
6. Finisho~

And hereby I give you all another example :

This is the last production from the right handside object. It's really easy, just Reflect the object and you will get this wonderful Batik Motive.

And another example :

Doing this piece of Art Work isn't hard at all because all you need to know is how to Translate the first object =D

So next time when you see an Art Work, It's actually Mathematics!

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Shu Yi said...

tat's cool...
but I still dun like it