Saturday, August 4, 2007

Toughts Of Mine - Human Friendship

Blessed with friends,
happy we should be.
Are they the one for you?

My oh my...
Life seems so free!
coated with money and lusty.
oh.. Life isnt free!

Masked pupils around you.
Set you "FREE"!
slaying and slashing,
stabbing and poking,

Ouch, my back is pain!
Stop that you idiot!

"shut up, I still like to take my knife around!"
Oh God! that's life.

Once a wise man quote :
"Do good deeds, and you will get reply with excellent ones"
and I say :
"Do good deeds, and you will get reply with excellent ones IF other have their brain screwed"

Oh ya...
I knew that bloody theory long time ago..
Buzz off !

Do you like snakes?
" Oh yea! I Love those with twin head! They are cute"

Do you like to act stupid?
"Oh yeah! I act stupid everytime someone asked me to do something"
Oh.. did you do that when someone asked you to eat?

" I want pay less and I want THE BEST ROOM in town"
oh... go find it yourself then farktard..

Friendship, sometimes is beatiful. Somehow, it's bloody fool!
Want me act like an evil mastermind? So be it Darlings =)

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